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ProStart Management Competition Results

Left to right: Jessica Brown, Shellie Willie, Raquel Smith, and Ariel Castro

Have you dreamed of designing, owning and operating your own restaurant? High school students in the Family and Consumer Sciences Food Services and Culinary Pathway have not only dreamed of designing a restaurant they have done it. On Thursday, March 10 ProStart management students from across the state showcased their talents, skills, and abilities in the ProStart Management Competition at the University Park Marriott Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. Student teams competed for a spot at the National ProStart Invitational in Kansas City, Kansas on April 21-25.

From designing the restaurant concept, layout, menu, and promotional campaigns Carbon, Cedar, Desert Hills, Murray, Northridge, Provo, Snow Canyon, Spanish Fork, and Westlake High Schools competed in the ProStart Management Competition with passion and enthusiasm for the restaurant they developed. From the ambiance of the restaurant to the scrumptious food to how each customer would be served the students wowed the judges.  Each year the competition between high schools is fierce and the judging difficult.

And the winners of the 2011 ProStart State Management Competition are. . .

1st Cedar High School
2nd Carbon High School
3rd Westlake High School
4th Provo High School
5th Spanish Fork High School

It goes without saying that the Cedar Team was ecstatic about winning the state competition. “The first thing I did when I heard the words ‘you made it to nationals’ come out of my teacher’s mouth was throw my hands in the air and yell for joy. I was overwhelmed with excitement and fulfillment,” said Ariel Castro, ProStart Management Team Captain.

The Cedar Team opened their presentation with one of the team members speaking energetically in Italian, introducing their restaurant the Azzurro Di Cielo (pronounced achurro the’ chello). Each team member took a turn explaining the restaurant, beginning with the restaurant concept, continuing with the theme nights, layout of the restaurant, menu concept, and promotional campaigns. The team left the judge’s with just a bit of lingering bedazzlement when saying, “The Azzurro Di Cielo will be a main attraction for everyone. . .it will become the tradition of the area.”

Mary Christensen advisor to the Cedar Team said, “I am so pleased with the way this team came together and developed their idea. Winning this honor is a very gratifying award for the students’ hard work. This helps build our program in culinary and draws attention to the wide variety of topics covered in ProStart.”

So how is the team preparing for the National ProStart Invitation? “We are tightening everything up. We took very seriously everything the judges critiqued us on, and we have worked to perfect those areas as well as improve other areas of the restaurant,” said Ariel Castro.

UtahCTE wishes Jessica, Shellie, Raquel, and Ariel “buona fortuna” (the best of luck) at nationals!

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    Go Utah! And Go Cedar! This is awesome news and they should be so proud of themselves!

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