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Q&A with Omar Ramirez: HOSA Alumni Division Representative

Omar Ramirez, a graduate of PineView High School and a freshman at Southern Utah University, is a HOSA Alumni Division Representative who recently traveled to two local high schools, with other HOSA representatives, to share experiences about HOSA and to give encouragement to student members.

Why did you visit PineView and Dixie High Schools?
Omar: The purpose of school visits is to get in contact with new local chapter officers, to create a connection with others in the area, and to communicate with chapters for better success in order to create a better year for everyone.

What did you do at the schools?
Omar: Along with creating connections, we also went to give a presentation to the new chapter officers and members about HOSA: Future Health Professionals. We began by introducing ourselves, then continued with what HOSA is, introduced the topic of what leadership is, and how they could get involved. We introduced them to the National Leadership Conference, and many other facts, including HOSA’s history, our mission statement, and service projects and partnerships.

Omar Romeriz with PineView HOSA and advisor Ray Miller

Why is being a member of HOSA important?
Omar: HOSA is important to those who have an interest in the healthcare field. Through participation in HOSA student members learn important leadership skills that will prepare them for a career in healthcare. HOSA provides members with opportunities for knowledge and skill development. These include having professionals come to the classroom where the students can learn from someone working in the profession, to competing in an area of the healthcare field, and much more.

Is it important for members to attend HOSA conferences?
Omar: Our State Leadership and National Leadership Conferences are valuable to student members. Each conference gives students an opportunity that provides them with experiences in their field of interest and shows others what they have learned. Last year, after competing for my first time, I learned about community awareness and how important it is to be prepared for a natural disaster, especially when it involves the younger generation. If it weren’t for the competition I would not have been driven and determined to begin or accomplish what I did, and the younger students would not have taught their families about what they had learned.

Was there universal question HOSA members asked?
Omar: Throughout our presentation, the biggest question we were asked was, “Is HOSA for everyone?” The answer is yes! HOSA truly is for everyone. HOSA is an organization that provides vital skills and experiences to everyone, even if a student isn’t interested in the healthcare field. Everything a HOSA member learns can be applied to different aspects of life and to a career.

Omar Ramirez with Dixie High School HOSA and advisor Laurene Brown

HOSA provides students with opportunities to attain the knowledge, skills and leadership characteristics necessary to succeed in a health care profession, through leadership training, career training, and service projects. Utah has more than 4,000 members in 78 chapters.

If you’re not a member of HOSA, and would like to become a member, talk to your school counselor to get connected with the HOSA advisor in your school.

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