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See the Vision

Where do you want to be in the year 2020? Do you have a dream? Can you visualize what you will be doing? Do you have a plan? Through the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathways you can See the Vision of the possibilities and the map to get to your dream.

Recently, the Utah System of Higher Education released a Higher Education 2020 Plan that calls for more of Utah students to go to college, enroll in high demand programs such as CTE and complete the degree. Get started by visiting with your school counselor. He or she should be your ally in planning your personal education and career goals and will assist you in creating a Student Education Occupation Plan (SEOP). An SEOP is an important tool that will map out your high school classes. Through individual and classroom activities, rigorous academic study, CTE and work-based learning, you will learn decision making and planning skills. CTE Pathways save time and money and will assist you in making good choices.

Taking CTE classes, completing a CTE Pathway, preparing for college and taking concurrent enrollment classes is a critical part of this map. CTE Pathways will give you the skills you need to be successful in the technology and information driven economy of today and tomorrow. Be involved in Pathways. See the Vision. Make your dreams a reality. Become college and career ready by signing up for a CTE class today!

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