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SkillsUSA: Champions at Work!

In June, over 5,700 students competed in the 48th Annual SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference in Kansas City. Of the 5,700 contestants 132 were Utah students. This conference showcased the best Career and Technical Education students in the nation, who first competed in their state and then advanced to the national competition.


The philosophy of the SkillsUSA Championships is to reward students for excellence, to involve industry in directly evaluating student performance, and to keep training relevant to employers’ needs.

From cabinetmaking to cosmetology to Web design to telecommunications, Utah students competed in approximately 75 competitions. Students participating in SkillsUSA were required to complete a series of challenges. Congratulations to the eleven SkillsUSA 2011 secondary winners and to the 33 SkillsUSA 2011 postsecondary winners. Each student competed with dignity and represented the state of Utah extremely well.

Secondary Winners:
Kaydee Walters
Tooele High School
Gold medal winner in cabinetmaking

“[CTE] classes, my participation and leadership in SkillsUSA, and all the classes I will be taking in college will help me to enter and succeed in cabinetmaking and architectural woodwork.” Kaydee Walters

McKinzie Madsen
Desert Hills High School
Gold medal winner in advertising design

Maya Pendleton, Alexander Millar, Karlie Boam
Ben Lomond High School
Silver medal winner for chapter display

Brooke Miller
Skyline High School
Silver medal winner in job interview

Katrina Warkentin and Eliza Brown
Canyons Technical Education Center
Silver medal in nail care

Collin Rogow
Canyons Technical Education Center
Silver medal in telecommunications cabling

Rico Montoya and Elli Petersen
Canyons Technical Education Center
Silver in Web design

Watch a recap of the events at the National Skills and Leadership Conference for SkillsUSA in Kansas City at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTt6AxUgOyE.

“As we start a new year with current and new participants, I hope that all of our student and professional members recognize the value of full participation in SkillsUSA. There is tremendous potential for professional development, leadership development, social activities, service activities and many opportunities for students to kick-start their current and future career efforts. Near the end of the year we will add the “icing on the cake” that comes from local, regional, state and national competitions, where our students prove that they can compete with the very best career professionals that our country has to offer.”
Richard Wittwer, SkillsUSA Utah State Director

Join the 13,000 Utah SkillsUSA  members and the 264,000 National SkillsUSA members to develop skills to be successful in your future career. Contact your school SkillsUSA advisor to learn more about SkillsUSA.

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