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STEM Education: The Way it Was Meant to Be

A team of Career and Technical Education (CTE) Technology and Engineering students at Layton High School, in Davis School District, have implemented their STEM education experience in perfect fashion. Victoria Alvizurez, Christopher Erickson, Lauren Scarlet, Tyler Stevens, Rebecca Stromberg, and Danielle Taylor were given the task of identifying an actual societal need. Then, through the use of the knowledge and skills gained in their collective STEM classes, their task was to meet that challenge.

As part of the Ability One Design Challenge, the student team decided to assist persons with significant disabilities to achieve their maximum employment potential. Guided by adept, intuitive instructors, and coupled with Pioneer Adult Rehabilitation Center (PARC) they were able to assist employees in increasing productivity by creating a “Truss Assembly Assistor.”

The student team produced the video below showing the mechanics of the “Truss Assembly Assistor” and how it made a difference in the ease of assembling the truss and increased productivity for the PARC employees.

If you’re inquisitive, are good at figuring out how things work and applying physics to solve problems, consider a career in engineering. Talk to your school counselor about registering for a course in one of the two CTE Technology and Engineering Education Pathways.

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