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Thank You for Being a Great Ag Teacher

By Buddy Deimler, Agricultural Education specialist at the Utah State Office of Education and Utah FFA advisor

Thank you to every Ag teacher in Utah who works hard to make a difference with every student, in every class, every day. Through Agricultural Education and FFA you are making a positive difference in the lives of young people. Your hard work and dedication is evident by the hours that you spend and by the success your students enjoy, whether that success is at the local level, the state level or the national level. Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty every day as you provide opportunities for your students. You do a great job!

Jeff Klose, an FFA alumni member and agriculture science teacher in Texas, wrote the poem below as a tribute to his dear friend, while thinking of the many Ag teachers who influenced his life. This poem rings true for each of you.

The Ag Teacher
By: Jeff Klose

The students walked into the ring. The judge they intently eyed.
He knelt outside attentively, hat adjusted to one side.

Watching ever closely, his memory sets adrift.
Upon all the work and effort that came before this shift.

Students work and effort, and his combined with theirs,
Has been the winning combination for many countless years.

The proof is in the product when all is said and done.
The banner does not count as much as all the lessons won.

Students of the FFA will tell you, whether doctors, lawyers or the rest,
Their Ag teacher made the biggest difference in gaining their success.

What he teaches you can’t gain in the classroom taking notes,
But outside where there’s discipline to:

Feed the goats, fix the floats, check their throats, feed ‘em oats, win the votes and all the other lessons he promotes.

Other people rarely see the care we know he shows.
While they are asleep in bed, he’s doctoring a pigs runny nose.

And when you think you’ve figured out animals are what he knows.
He puts on his coat and tie and trains students to speak like pros.

Then summer comes and many teachers take their rest.
But he’s in the truck, once again, to help your student do their best.

For countless years he’s done this job, his work is never done.
Success does not stop to rest, he cannot fail just one.

He works so hard for all of you…Not much about his life is known.
Yet all you need to know is; he treats your family like his own.

Thank you to my Ag teacher, you taught me long ago:
The champion banner does not count as much, as how you won the show!

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