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There’s a NEW Chef in the Kitchen at Highland High School

By Kimber Christensen, Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher, Highland High School
I just wanted to share something awesome! Last year at the end of the school year I gave my beat up and worn out metal pots and pans to the Welding teacher, Denise Fuentes, so she could have her students practice welding on the metal. Better to reuse than toss right? Well, I never expected to see those pots and pans again, but. . . Last month, during faculty meeting, much to my surprise and amazement, Denise presented me with a Chef that her advanced welding students made out of the pots, pans, and kitchen gadgets I gave to her last year. Ms. Fuentes and her students added a few more pieces and parts to give Chef a magnetic personality. If you look closely you will see that the body is a microwave and the bum (which you can’t see) is a toaster. What a masterpiece! I love it!!!

Chef is my new sidekick in the kitchen! It’s so cute! If only Chef could prep, cook, and cleanup. Hum. . .maybe I should talk to the Technology and Engineering teacher. A robotic Chef? Wouldn’t that be awesome! Robotic or not I love my new sidekick in the kitchen.

Special thanks to Denise Fuentes, Shauna Herrick, Kyle Johnson, Cody Hilborn, Steve Floor, Maureen Larkin and others for their talent, skill, creativeness, and for the joy they added to the Family and Consumer Sciences kitchen at Highland High School.

By Denise Fuentes, Welding Teacher, Highland High School
It was the very end of the school year and we had already cleaned and put machines away for summer. Then all these pots, pans, cookie sheets, etc. were brought to the shop by a few students. With nowhere else to put them at the time they went right in the middle of our tables. Curiously I said, “I wonder what we can do with these?” Jokingly a student replied, “Wouldn’t it be funny to make a little chef?” I thought it was a great idea. So throughout the summer and a quick trip to the D.I., I collected a few kitchen odds and ends to add to what was donated to us by Kimber Christensen. At the beginning of the school year I shared the idea with my advanced welding class and they loved it. They sorted through pans and utensils until they came up with the wonderful design that grew into a life size ‘Chef’.

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