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Tribute to a CTE Teacher: Mr. Flores, you will be missed

By Hailee Anderson,
Student, West Jordan Middle School

Mr. Flores (also known as Mr. Flowers) was a well-loved teacher. He was a Career and Technical Education teacher at West Jordan Middle School who recently died of cancer. The entire staff and every student – not just the ones in his classes – were very upset about it. We will miss him so much!

My favorite thing about Mr. Flores was his smile. His smile could brighten anyone’s day. He also had a great attitude about teaching. Most teachers just want you to learn stuff, but Mr. Flores would put a twist on every assignment to make it more fun and interesting. He loved his students and wanted them to succeed in their learning. He would encourage us to do our best in everything, and did it with a smile, patience and kindness. I never heard him raise his voice to any student.

I learned a lot from Mr. Flores. We created PowerPoint presentations, we learned the parts of a computer, and we learned how to properly type on the keyboard. Mr. Flores made sure that every student did their best and learned new skills. We had a lot of fun with the assignments. For example, we created PowerPoint presentations on various types of fruit. When it was our turn to present, we brought samples of the fruit for everyone. He always thought of ways to have fun but still get things done. 

Probably the most important things I learned from Mr. Flores were patience, kindness, and a love for learning.

West Jordan Middle School students wanted to create something to show their appreciation for Mr. Flores so they wore purple, red and pink and the entire student body formed a huge heart on a field outside the school. LifeTouch took this photograph from high up on a crane to give to his family. You can view the Fox13 story on Mr. Flores here.

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  1. Lj Johnsen Says:

    He was an amazing man. We think of him all the time. He helped me in so many ways. I met one of the prettiest girls in his class and he gave me advice on how to ask her out! 😊

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