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Utah State FFA Newsletter: Read All About It

The Utah FFA state officers have developed a statewide newsletter to share FFA stories and events with its members, school districts, and the community. The state officers want to know what your chapter is doing and what events you have planned for the year. Below is the article Hailee Garrett, editor of the newsletter and Utah FFA state reporter, wrote for the first issue. The entire newsletter can be found on the home page of UtFFA.org.

Hello Utah FFA Association! You’re my favorite association by the way. I’m sure you’ve read every last piece of this newsletter and now by the time you have reached my article I’m sure you’re wondering a couple of things…

What is this thing?
How long have I missed out on it?
Who are the State Officers?
How can my chapter be in this?

Well members, fear not, for I have the answers.

First and foremost, what is this thing? You are holding an idea brought to life by your state officers. We all decided we wanted a statewide newsletter to help tell our stories and yours. We like to call this little beauty the Utah State FFA Newsletter! Yeah I know, its catchy right?

Second, how long have I missed out on this? You have never had the opportunity to access such a wonderful piece of paper. This one you’re reading right now is the VERY FIRST Utah State FFA Newsletter, EVER! If I were you, I’d keep it! A little piece of history! Scrapbook that thing!

Next, who are the state officers? If you were unable to attend COLT you are probably wondering who all these names are. Such as, Calee Lott, McKayla Gonder, Hunter Siggard, Justin Jaques, Hailee Garrett, and Matt Mecham. Don’t you fret; I shall now lead you out of darkness once more. These names are no other than your 2013-2014 State Officers! Justin Jaques is the President, Calee Lott is the Vice President, McKayla Gonder is the Secretary, Hunter Siggard is the Treasurer, Hailee Garrett is the Reporter, and Matt Mecham is the Sentinel! If you read each of the Who Are You features you can get to know us a little better.

Lastly, how can my chapter be in this? We want this newsletter to be yours! If your chapter does something incredible, (which you all do all the time.) and you want us to feature it! Have your chapter reporter or another officer email the written article with pictures or whatever you want to utffarep1314@gmail.com. Then I, as the state reporter and the editor, can make sure your article gets in!

I hope I have answered most of your questions by now, but if there are any more you just go ahead and email me or any of the other state officers. You can find all our info at utffa.org under the tab State Officers.

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter and be looking for the next one!

Keep rocking,
Hailee T Garrett, Utah FFA State Reporter

This blog was originally published in the Utah State FFA Newsletter, Issue: 1, located at UtFFA.org.


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