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Utah Students Advance in Business Education


UtahCTE.org congratulates the following students who received a CTE Scholarship and Tuition Award. Each student proved that he/she has the academic knowledge, technical skills, and drive to advance his/her education beyond high school in Business Education. This scholarship award will give each student a jump-start for his/her postsecondary training and open many doors of opportunity, now and in the future. Upon graduation from high school each student now advances to a Utah postsecondary institution to study and train for a career in business.

Jazzel Hall

“After obtaining an associate degree I will go back to the Philippines and I will open up my own small Asian restaurant in Manila. High school helped me to start accomplishing my goals and supported me in my career. I know that by practicing all the skills I’ve learned in my CTE classes I will be a successful business owner.”
Jazzel Hall, Hillcrest High School






Jacob Jones

“I have a great love for business from actively working in the field, from many years in FBLA, and from the business classes I have taken. I have taken many CTE classes that are oriented towards the Business Pathway and I plan to pursue a career in business. After I graduate in Business Management I plan to enter the workforce and start my own company.”
Jacob Jones, Wasatch High School  




Jessica Katwyk

“After I have earned my business degree, I plan to use the knowledge I have gained in college, plus continuing education in order to help me become a successful business owner. The Business Management [Pathway] has helped me realize what is important in my life.”
Jessica Katwyk, Bingham High School         





“The career and technical field I have chosen to study is Business Management. This is a career that I feel I will enjoy and be successful in. After I have completed my AAS degree I would like to work for a company and get experience in my degree, in order to be successful in the business field.”
Janet Munoz, Wasatch High School                                      


Lakota Preece

“CTE Pathways has impacted me in ways I cannot even begin to explain. The Pathway I chose to follow was the Business Management Pathway. This helped me decide which classes to take that would help me in the future and in obtaining my goal. Because of that one meeting with my [school] counselor and choosing a Pathway, I now have a plan and many goals to go along with it.”
Lakota Preece, Morgan High School                                     



“After receiving my AAS degree [in business] I would like to seek employment with a reputable company in the renewable energy field. I have had the opportunity to help my father in the initial stages of renewable energy project development and would like to continue employment in the field. I have taken many [CTE] business classes at Wasatch High School to help me prepare for my career.”
Michael Rhees, Wasatch High School 


Would you describe yourself as efficient, well organized, systematic, and responsible? Are you good at paying attention to detail, using computer programs, working with numbers, and following instructions? Do you like to create spreadsheets, keep business records, and work in a well-structured environment? If you answered yes, then a career in one of the five Business Pathways may be perfect for you. CTE offers Pathways to YOUR future; get started!

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  1. Janet Goble Says:

    I think it’s great these business education students have such strong goals and have a firm grip of their post-secondary pathway. Business classes are the best!! Of course, I’m a little biased since I was a business teacher 🙂

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