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Today is an exciting time to be in high school.
You have so many opportunities that your parents and grandparents didnít have Ė opportunities that will jump-start your future.

  • Technological advances and global competition have changed the nature of work.
  • Jobs today require high-tech knowledge and advanced technical skills.
  • Work and learning will be integral parts of your life as you pursue your personal pathway to success.
  • Check out ways to break free of traditional stereotypes in making your education and career choices.

High school opportunities:

Study, plan, and prepare for life after high school.

  • Talk with your school counselor and discuss how CTE Pathways can be integrated as part of your SEOP as you plan for your life after high school.
  • Check out the Parent-Student Guide to help you understand how to connect from high school to college and career.
  • Read what students are saying about CTE.
Your future employers are waiting for you.
They need your skills, they need your talents, they need your ideas, they need your knowledge, they need your ambition, and they need your experience to help them succeed, to be competitive, and to further advance into the 21st century.

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