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Agriculture Student
When you think of the average farmer, it's a guy with overalls and with dirty boots. This is what I love. I think the gender thing has no [relevance], because a woman can do just as much as a man can.

Agriculture Student, Lehi High School
Josh Smith, a senior at Lehi High School, was the 1st runner-up at the 2009 National FFA Convention. Josh participated in the Emerging Agriculture Technologies Proficiency Award Program. His agriculture project involved determining nutrient retention of different sources of fertilizer by evaluating coarse and fine textured soil. With the direction of Dr. Webb, at the BYU Soils Analysis Laboratory, Josh was shown how to use sophisticated equipment to test the soil. Josh quickly learned how to use the equipment and tested all samples, using instruments with color technology, to view the different nutrients in the soil. Josh received high praise from the judges and he represented Lehi FFA extremely well.


Business Student
Brandon Buchanan is a senior at Viewmont High School. Brandon says, “My interest and talents have naturally pulled me towards Career Technical Education classes. I have been fortunate enough to have wonderful teachers to help my knowledge and excitement in this area grow. Accounting has been a major area of focus for me in school, being in my third year of accounting, completing CE Accounting program last year, and participating in the Pilot AP Program this year. I was able to obtain a job at an Accounting firm where I was able to use my knowledge of accounting I had learned in a classroom, and apply it to the real world.”
Brandon has been very active in participating in FBLA and DECA. “I held VP position in FBLA Soph. and Jr. Years, and currently hold the position of President this year. I have placed both years at state in various events. I am currently VP of DECA, and have already participated in a competitive event, involving a promotional campaign for the Dew Tour event in Salt Lake City, that resulted in a position to attend the DECA National Leadership Conference in Florida.” Brandon is president of the school store at Viewmont High School, where he handles everything from operations, management, to the financials of the store. “For me, education gives me the basis to experience business in the real world.”

Business Student
Peter Heredia is a senior at Millcreek High School where he serves as the DECA and FBLA president. He is an outstanding young man who has overcome many obstacles in his life; because of his passion and involvement in CTE classes he is headed for a bright future. Peter has taken and excelled in numerous CTE classes during high school. Peter says, “My favorite CTE classes have been Business Communications, Interior Design, Fashion Merchandising, and Travel and Tourism. CTE classes have taught me skills that are very important for me and my future. One of the many things that I’ve loved about these classes is that you get a lot of hands-on experience. The classes are interactive, fun, and interesting. CTE is really the way to go!”
Peter works two part-time jobs while maintaining a high GPA. He is currently working at Superior Threads manufacturing in St. George, where he also receives credit for his critical workplace skills class (student internship.) He is involved with the schools CTE recycling project and community blood drive. Peter has completed an impressive electronic portfolio, been recognized as “The Most Improved” student, and has received several other outstanding student classroom awards. This year, Peter created and designed the logo and slogan for the Millcreek High School hoodies. The FBLA and DECA designs, markets, and sells sweatshirts to students, staff, and community members to instill concepts learned while creating a real world application.

Business Student
My friends kind of laughed at me at first when I took a class that wasn't really traditional, but they got used to it because they see I'm going a little further. Most of the skills I'm actually learning are more basic office skills, how to work with other people in the office, even my managers and how important their job is. It really comes down to the first point of contact. You're the first person that actually talks to the guest or customer and they're the one who are going to get the impression of how your company is really run. Go for what you really want to do. I know it may seem funny at first, but in the end, as long as you're happy, that's all that matters.

Business Student
Caroline Quinn, a senior at Wasatch High School, has successfully completed multiple business classes including: Computers in Business, Computer Technology, Economics, Marketing, Sports Marketing and Entertainment Marketing, and Accounting. She has earned skill certification in Computer Technology, Economics, and Computers in Business.
Beyond her business classes, Caroline is a very active member of the Wasatch chapter of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). Currently, Caroline is president of the Wasatch FBLA Chapter. She has been an FBLA member and chapter officer for three years. Caroline has attended numerous FBLA state leadership conferences, including the spring 2010 conference where she helped Wasatch FBLA win the “Most Outstanding Chapter” award, for being the best FBLA chapter in Utah.
Caroline has demonstrated her business expertise by earning many awards at region and state FBLA competitions. At last spring’s state leadership conference, Caroline placed first in Virtual Business, fourth in Parliamentary Procedures and eighth in Business Presentations. In 2009, Caroline placed fifth in Business Presentations at State. She has also participated in regional FBLA competitions earning awards in Principles and Procedures, Intro. to Parliamentary Procedures, Economics, and Business Math.
Caroline is working diligently towards earning an associate degree by the time she graduates from high school, through EDNET—a distance learning education program provided through the Utah Education Network—and concurrent enrollment classes. "I plan to own and operate my own beauty salon after I finish at the Marinello School of Beauty. I learned many things about operating and owning a business in my economics class last year. This year I am taking accounting, which will help me in keeping good financial records for my business."


Culinary Arts Student
I've always really been interested in cooking, and as soon as I found out that there was a Pro-start program here at West I jumped on it. I've been taking it for two years and it's been great. It's been a lot of help and given me a lot of good experience.

Culinary Arts Student
When it comes to being a pastry chef I really don't see an issue of male and female. I think we're all equal in this situation. Anyone can be what they want to be. I really don't think gender is an issue.


Graduate, Ogden High School
As a young adult graduating from high school, I affirmed my decision to pursue a career in medicine was because of my broad introduction to the health care field in high school and because of the support I received in the health science curriculum. Health Science Education was an important aspect of my educational development because it allowed me to bring together the world of academia and the world of technology education. My experiences with Health Science Education gave me the opportunity to speak to health care professionals; to see, hear, and experience what they do in their chosen health careers. Health Sciences Education was the most rewarding experience for me at the secondary education level and continues to be rewarding as I am pursuing a collegiate education. It helped me realize that I can truly accomplish all my goals and aspirations in life.

Nursing Assisting Students
Ben Mitchell and Alan Ponce de Leon are Nurse Assisting students at the Canyons Technical Education Center (CTEC). Ben wants to become a general practitioner and Alan wants to be a nurse. Ben says, “I found out about this program in ninth grade. I like being at CTEC because I’m making new friends. I enjoy doing activities that involve some of the things I might have to do in my future career. I love to help the elderly and anyone that needs help.” Alan says, “I wanted to work at the hospital, but didn’t know what area. I have decided I want to go to Weber State and become a nurse. When I’m at my clinical, I like to help feed people who can’t feed themselves.”

Nursing Student
I chose a nontraditional class because most people don't really think about a lot of options that life has for them or schools have for them, but I noticed the Jordan Applied Technology Center has a lot of different classes that give you a degree or certification of things that can help you succeed in life. I saw nursing as a way to help people and to get into the medical field, and I really like it. I go into a class full of girls and think, 'Okay this is kind of funny,' but then you realize what it can do for you, what it can do for your life, your goals and help you succeed.


Graduate, Emery High School
When I signed up for an early bird Novell Networking course I thought, "Great, what did I do that for? Is the Career and Technical Education credit really worth waking up super early in the morning to attend a class with a bunch of computer-fanatic guys?" Well, after the first day of class my outlook changed entirely. I quickly discovered how interesting this CTE class was and thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on applications. On the first day of class, we set up our computers, created a network, and things just became more fun from there. As one of the only girls in the class, I was privileged to view a world almost exclusive to men—the world of computer networking. I gained great respect for all of the guys and especially the instructor.
As the class progressed, I learned the workings of Novell Networking, and found that my inclination towards computers grew, until I became an addition to the crew of "computer-fanatics" in the class. Taking this one CTE class led me to take the test to become a Certified NetWare Administrator. Having gained my certification, I have an advantage as I have a marketable skill which will help me pay my way through college.

Digital Media Student
Most people don't understand computers at all or they're way challenged by them, so it seems kind of cool to be able to do something like this. Most people want to be doctors or physical therapists, but Web design just seems a lot cooler to me for a career choice.

Web Development Student
I was really into computers when I was little and I always liked art, and so it was just natural to combine the two and use my art skills with computers. The fact that a lot of boys came to computer tech really didn't bother me I just thought it was a new opportunity to make new friends and get to know other people.


Marketing Student
Through CTE I learned how to market creatively and how quality and customer service are very important to having a good business.


Graduate, Delta High School
Associate of Science, Utah State University
My interest in welding began in my freshman year when I took and Agricultural Mechanics class to learn more about the aspects of welding for my family farm and cattle operation. I was the only girl in the class, and half way through the year my teacher thought it would be entertaining to set up an in-class welding competition with me against the boys. The boys got to be the judges of the anonymous welds, and to their surprise, I won! The following year, I enrolled in the Advanced Welding Technician class, and have been obsessed with welding ever since.
Because I work on my family farm and cattle operation, welding is an almost daily task. Last year, I helped weld and install the pipe for our newest pivot irrigation system. As a result, my dad has given me the chore to repair anything on the farm that is in need of welding. The welding and agricultural classes [I took in high school] gave me the needed skills to be successful I my career and in all aspects of life.
When I graduated from Delta High School I not only received my diploma, but also received an Associate of Science degree from Utah State University. I plan to major in Agricultural Education and become a certified welding instructor.

Graduate, Timpview High School
Bachelor's of Science, Weber State University
Amelia Mitchell, a graduate of Timpview High School, says her interest in the automotive industry began in high school when she was a class assistant to the auto teacher and found she liked talking to the guys in the class about off-roading and four-wheeling. "I picked up lots of knowledge by being around them and correcting tests," she said. It was then that Amelia decided to take a beginning automotive class during her senior year.
Amelia became involved in SkillsUSA, where in high school she was state president, and continued to be involved in SkillsUSA through college. In her senior year, Amelia entered an automotive competition, sponsored by Weber State University, and scored among the top three students in her high school winning a trip to Long Beach, California to attend the Grand Prix and tour the Toyota facility.
Amelia then entered college to pursue a degree in automotive technology. She earned a bachelor's degree in automotive technology from Weber State University. As a result of her leadership, involvement, and success in SkillsUSA and her persistence in pursuing a career in a traditionally male-dominated field - along with her 3.83 grade point average - prior to graduation seven high-profile automotive companies vied to hire her, including General Motors Corporation, Ford Motor Company, Honda Motor Company, Toyota Motor Corporation, Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes Corporation, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, and Caterpillar. After serving a summer internship at Toyota and two internships with Caterpillar, Amelia accepted a position with Caterpillar beginning at $53,000 per year as a marketing representative specializing in truck-engine service.

Automotive Student
I think everybody should have the opportunity to do whatever they want. If a girl is good at working with cars, then more power to her. The Jiffy Lube down the street has three or four female mechanics. My dad always taught me to let somebody do whatever they want. If they're good at it, then why not? There is no reason not to.

Cabinetmaking/Millwork Student
When it came to picking a career, I thought pretty hard about it. My girlfriends have laughed at me a little bit because they're like, 'Oh well, that's just for guys.' I've had to say, 'No it's not, it's for everyone.' I don't think gender should have any part when it comes to picking a career... if it's something you love to do, do it.

Construction Student
The reason I signed up for the home building class is because I wanted to see projects get put together, use my hands more, and just get the satisfaction of seeing it every day and seeing more and more get done. My favorite part of the class was probably the framing because as you walk away each day you could see more progress, more of a difference that you made. I actually expected there to be more girls — I didn't know I would be one of the only ones who would be here — but when I got here it didn't matter because it was so much fun with everybody.


Engineering Student, Hillcrest High School
Marsha Light is a senior attending Hillcrest High School in Midvale, Utah. In 2008, she attended an open house at the Jordan Applied Technology Center (JATC) to investigate the Surgical Technician program. During her visit, she also toured the Engineering program and decided to change her career path. Marsha said, "I was intrigued with the design and building the students were involved in.
The Engineering program at the JATC is affiliated with Project Lead the Way (PLTW), a national engineering curriculum taught in over 3,000 high schools in the United States. Marsha has taken four of the PLTW courses: Intro to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, and Engineering Design and Development. When asked which course she enjoyed the most, Marsha said, "I enjoy the Computer Integrated Manufacturing class I am currently taking. It is cool to see how manufacturing ties into engineering."
Marsha has participated in the Technology Student Association (TSA) for the past two years. She is currently serving as the State TSA Treasurer. "TSA has helped me learn about leadership, commitment, presenting to groups, and working with others." She has competed in state and national competitions in Technology Problem Solving and Graphic Logo Design. When asked if other students should join TSA, Marsha said, "Definitely, if you are into science or engineering! TSA is a fun student organization where you get to compete with other students."
Marsha has really enjoyed her two years in the PLTW Engineering program at the JATC. "The courses at the JATC are more like a college environment. These classes have definitely helped prepare me for college and the direction I want to go. No other classes in high school have included so much student teamwork. I want to become a mechanical engineer. After graduation I am planning to go to Salt Lake Community College and then transfer to the University of Utah.
Marsha has a few good suggestions for other high school students. "Start planning now! Get involved in what you love and just do it. If you don't know what you love, this is a good time to figure that out."

Engineering Student
Although engineering really is a male-dominated career, I have had no problems being successful in this kind of program. I've become a manager of a team that's gone to a national competition two years running, and I'm also the state vice president for the Technology Student Association. I've come to really enjoy what I learn here.

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